How Caring for Our Watersheds Works


The CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS program asks students to submit a proposal that answers the question, “What can you do to improve your watershed?” Students must research their local watershed, identify an environmental concern and draft a written proposal containing one realistic solution. Community judges select the top entries to compete at a final, verbal competition for cash prizes.


This program is Monday morning ready and fits into STEM curriculum. The program is offered at no cost, that’s right FREE, and includes watershed presentations and support from community mentors.

Caring for Our Watersheds is more than just a classroom assignment. The program teaches students real life skills including researching, planning, budgeting, and written and verbal communication. Most importantly, the program teaches students that they CAN make a difference.

Young minds often hold the key to amazing innovations that can protect and improve our watersheds.



Interested in getting your class or club involved in the program?

Contact Ivonne Morales at  We'll introduce the program to your students and use our hands-on watershed model (pictured below) to educate students on what a watershed is, how our watershed is impacted, and what they can do to improve our watershed.  Additional resources are available.