June 13th & 27th

July 11th & 25th

August 8th & 22nd


Adult $18

Senior $15

Child $12


5:30 Family Activities

6:15 Dinner Served

7:00 Entertainment




Prior to the chuckwagon, cowboys relied on eating whatever was in their saddle bags. In 1866, Charles Goodnight took a Army wagon and added a pantry box to the rear, knowing his crew worked harder on a full stomach. This became known as the chuckwagon and was the first one in Colorado. 


The cook, or "Cookie", was not only relied on for food but also acted as dentist, doctor, Barber, Bankers, and letter writer. Cookie had a reputation of being ill tempered as he received little sleep.  His morning started by making coffee and sourdough biscuits before the rest of the crew woke up.


The crew often ate biscuits, dried pork and beans (whistle berries) as Beef stew often took about 3-4 hours and was difficult to make while on the move. If Cookie was in a good mood he may have made a pastry or pie for the crew.