Poudre Learning Center Intership Opportunities

The PLC staff and Board of Directors of the Poudre Learning Center, welcome undergraduates as PLC Interns to enjoy a hands-on experience with the center. Interns receive supervised experience working directly with the staff, and other students in research or education programs.  [Inten working with student at the PLC.]
Interns assume independent responsibility for substantive projects. Applicants should demonstrate maturity, strong verbal and written communication skills, an ability to work independently, a high degree of organization, and a commitment to the PLC's mission. The duration and time requirements for each internship opportunity vary. A minimum commitment based on the of registered college credits. PLC Interns should meet the following criteria: Students attending four-year colleges or universities who are majoring in natural science, earth sciences, life sciences, geography, ecology or geology. Non-environmental majors are allowed by permission. Students attending two-year colleges who plan to attend a four-year institution following the internship and students who have graduated within six months of the program start date may also apply. Students should be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5, unless approved by the PLC Director.

To apply for a PLC internship, complete the PLC internship application, a resume, transcripts and cover letter describing your interest and experience and why you wish to intern at PLC. Please be sure to include the dates and times of your availability.

At this time, stipends are not available.

Students interested in a PLC Internship should arrange an interview with the PLC staff in person or via phone. Appointments may be made via email. If you have further questions, please contact the Director of the Poudre Learning Center Ray Tschillard, 970.352.1267

To apply for a PLC Internship position submit the application found here.