Children's Water Festival

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 9:30am to 2:00pm

~~The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District and the City of Greeley will be hosting the Children’s Water Festival on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. This year’s theme is “Water is Life”. 2017 is Children’s Water Festival’s 26th anniversary. Our purpose is to educate fourth grade students on the importance of water as a valuable resource, and how it impacts our natural environment.  The theme is purposely broad, so that you can make many connections to 21st Century Skills critical thinking and reasoning.  We are planning on over 1,000 4th grade students participating in our one day event!    
Activity Specifics for Presenters:
Each presenter will have their own indoor or outdoor classroom to accommodate their activity or presentation. The Festival consists of 10 sessions throughout the day. Depending on your schedule you will present during 4-7 sessions. Each session is 20 minutes long and there is a 10 minute passing period between each session. Groups of 20-30 students and their teachers will rotate through each session. We will accommodate every presenter’s schedule so they may have a lunch break. If your presentation requires special accommodations, please note them on the signup sheet or the online sign up.
Activity Specifics for Exhibitors
If your activity does not fit the above structure, or is more of an information booth or display, there is another presentation option available. This includes the exhibit hall, all classes will have an opportunity to visit and explore activities in a non-structured environment. As an exhibitor, students will visit your display continuously throughout the day. For these types of activities it is wise to bring additional people with you to allow for breaks. 
Other Activity Specifics
Your activity should be:
• Hands-on or brains-on: please involve all students with either a hands-on (physical) or brains-on (thinking) activity.
• Appropriate for fourth grade:  keep vocabulary and concepts simple.  Try to make three or fewer key points.
• Fun and interesting: use your imagination.  Bring interesting equipment or gadgets.  Wear a funny costume or hat.  Create an activity that uses all the senses.  Show your enthusiasm!
• Factual:  do not provide information that is questionable or exaggerated.
• Make the water and energy connection:  please remember, although you may be leading an activity about another resource or topic (i.e. river, wildlife, agriculture); please connect it to water and energy.  Please call us if you would like help developing an activity idea.
• Occasionally, the teacher will have a student teacher with them or with really small classes; we may put two classes together in your classroom.  If you plan on having materials for the teachers to take, please have a couple extra copies for these situations. 
• Additionally, we will have a teacher resource table set up in the Exhibit Hall where you can put materials for teachers.